Dr. William Mitchell’s Books

Cases in Naturopathic Practice
Dr. Mitchell's final book includes hundreds of his actual clinical cases, and details the treatments that were utilized and the outcomes achieved. He used many of these cases as teaching material in his Advanced Naturopathic Therapeutics class at Bastyr University.

Foundations of Natural Therapeutics: 
Biochemical Apologetics of Naturopathic Medicine

William A. Mitchell, 1997 – Teaching manual in question and answer format.  Each frame builds on information from previous frames. This book was used as a text in Dr. Mitchell’s Advanced Naturopathic Therapeutics class at Bastyr University.  Some Naturopathic Physicians report that they still use this book as a reference in their practice, and are reminded of important concepts to apply to clinical cases.

Applications of Botanical Remedies in Naturopathic Medicine

William A. Mitchell, 1983 (2000 edition) – Foundation for his later work, Plant Medicine in Practice.  This text includes many images of biochemical plant compounds not found in the later work.


Plant Medicine in Practice
Elsevier Science, 2003 – Use of plant medicines as Dr. Bastyr presented them in his lectures, by physiologic systems, augmented by Dr. Mitchell’s personal experience with their usage.  This is an excellent clinical tool when choosing herbal medicines to address particular health concerns.  It includes Dr. Mitchell’s most current thoughts on dosing and herb combining, as well as a useful index for quick reference.